Leamington History Group and local filmmaker Mark Ellis (Postmaster Media) are producing a series of short documentary films about the history of Leamington. Our objectives are to:

• Inform and inspire local people to understand more about the town where they live;

• Capture the knowledge and passion of expert local historians for posterity;

• Engage other groups from the community in the storytelling process.

Our first two films, Birth of a Spa Town and Leamington’s Victorian Legacy focused on the development of Leamington as a spa resort in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, and its subsequent evolution during the reign of Queen Victoria. They are available to watch free-of-charge on YouTube, and have so far received over 10,000 views between them.

LINK – Birth of a Spa Town: https://youtu.be/4AJWO9hskNQ

LINK – Leamington’s Victorian Legacy: https://youtu.be/fgEn4q0WY-4

We are planning to produce our third film between now and July 2021. This will cover the period from c.1900 to c.1930 and will explore (among other things) the campaign for women’s suffrage, the Great War of 1914-18 and Leamington’s regeneration after the war. Like in the first two films, we want the scripted narration to be voiced by young people from the local area, and we invite local students to audition for narrator roles.

The narrator role We are looking for one or more young people (aged 16-18) to narrate the film (in the first film we had two narrators, and three in the second, but this is not set in stone). These are most likely to be sixth formers with an existing interest in drama/public speaking. We are looking for people with good, clear voices who can tell a story, and communicate facts in an interesting way. You will not be appearing on-screen! Assuming no further lockdown, the successful candidate(s) will be required to attend a two-hour recording session in early June with a parent/chaperone. The script will be provided in advance, and the narrator(s) will be expected to have studied this beforehand. The role is unpaid, but it is great experience and good material for inclusion in your personal statement!

Auditions We are planning to hold auditions in late April via the Zoom video conferencing platform. This is available as an app on PC, Mac, iPhone and Android devices. The text for the audition will be provided the previous week, so you have time to prepare.

Any questions? Please contact Mark Ellis (Director – mark@postmastermedia.co.uk)