All Meetings Cancelled but we have Projects for you . . .

Please Note that all our Leamington History Group meetings at the Band Factory and Dormer Hall have been Cancelled until further notice.
We hope that you all keep safe and well until we can meet up together again.

BUT NO NOT DESPAIR – We have ideas to keep your interest in the History of the town

Click Here for another Anagram Challenge posted on 28th May

Because there were no entries writing about a “Favourite Home” we will reconsider whether to continue to ask you to write about particular topics (20th May).

We may continue to offer other Challenges to exercise your history muscle.

Writing Projects for you – Read On

Your committee is sure that we are all disappointed by the need to stop our weekly and monthly meetings. This leaves gaps in the lives of most of us. And, perhaps, TV, jigsaws and board games are already losing their attraction!

We would like to encourage you to keep in touch with your interests in local history and entertaining your history friends and other members. We are suggesting that we prompt your memories and, possibly, enthusiasm for research, by designing some simple light-hearted projects for you.

We are sure that many of you have stories, memories or research that you would like to recall and share at this very unusual time. Our initial idea is that we would suggest a topic for you to think and write about every three weeks or so. The focus would be on Royal Leamington Spa. We would suggest 300 to 500 words.

The responses would be posted on our website (unless you do not want this) and you would be able to vote for your favourite. The winner would receive a certificate or small prize.

It is intended to operate the project using the wonders of the internet. We recognise that quite a few of you do not use the internet but it is difficult to find an alternative at the current time. If you have a contact who could submit your entry for you, then that would be fine.