Leamington History Group is creating further awareness of our global past in a new book based on ‘Global Leamington’.

We want to celebrate Leamington’s rich and diverse world history connections. Alongside this, we are developing a new, free Leamington Town Walk based on the world links too.

Firstly, we will focus on telling the stories of ordinary individual people, and cultural groups (e.g., Polish, Czechs, Italians, Punjabis etc.), who settled in Leamington from around the world. Our town has a rich and diverse global history, and our aim is to capture these stories – which perhaps have not yet been told!

Then, we will look at those people from Leamington who went out into the world and made a difference. These will range from the architect William Thomas, leaving Leamington for Canada, Frank Whittle’s Jet Engine exported to the world, to exploring the town’s links with charities, missionaries, industry and entrepreneurs.

We are already working in partnership with local schools and organisations to create opportunities for young people to engage in research writing articles for our book.

Interested? We would love to hear from any individuals, cultural groups, schools and organisations who have a story to tell – either by talking to us, providing research information, writing or pictures. Please email us now at the address below.


Contact:    connections@leamingtonhistory.co.uk