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The final streets beginning with W and Y were added on 30th September 2019. NOTE that we have not found any streets beginning with X or Z in the town

Details of all known streets have now been added.
Work is continuing to check and incorporate 142 responses from people who have reviewed the pages
It is likely that the data will later be presented as one page for all streets with a link to each letter of the alphabet at the top of the page.
In the longer term images, eg photos and historic maps, will probably be added.
It is hoped that you will be able to fill some of the many gaps or rectify incorrect information. It will be helpful if you can provide the source of the information which you provide. It is often fairly easy to find an origin for a names but the challenge is to find out why the name was thought to be appropriate for a street in Leamington.

If you would like to comment or you can help with information . . . Please Contact Mick Jeffs,

This gazetteer is intended to present information about all the streets in the town of Royal Leamington Spa, including Lillington and Milverton, but not Whitnash. A typical entry lists the date of the street, the number of buildings or addresses in the street, the origin of the name and finally the location of the street. Other key information such as prominent or important present and past buildings and Listed Buildings status is sometimes included.

Origins of names are often not recorded and some detective work and speculation has been required. The initial aim was to establish why a particular name had been chosen as appropriate for Leamington but this has often been impossible to prove.

We have been informed that it is the policy of Warwick District Council not to include apostrophes in street names. This compounds a dilemma with streets named after churches such as St Mary’s Road. Firstly should the apostrophe be included, and, secondly, should the street be listed as Saint Mary’s Road to appear in true alphabetical order. Consistently we have used the format St Mary’s Road although the apostrophe is not on the street sign.

Details about key buildings such as pubs, banks, shops and cinemas may be added.

One curiosity is the number of times streets were renumbered in the nineteenth century, the main occasion being around 1875, and also when infilling has taken place.

DATES. The dates stated are nearly always approximate and may refer to when planning permission was first granted, when laying out of the street began, sewers were laid or the first significant buildings were erected. In some streets buildings were demolished and rebuilt several times; for example, Charlotte Street has housing which was built in seven or eight different decades from the 1820s to the 1980s. There is a similar uncertainty about dates when buildings were demolished, such as slum clearance.

Occasionally buildings are Listed by Historic England and details of these will be added.

A very large number of houses had names in the nineteenth century but it is not intended that many of these will be added.

Some of you will find some of the information overly pedantic but we believe it is useful to have accurate information of this kind on record in one place.

Location of the Streets –

A searchable map which shows most of the streets which still exist is –


Simply type “Monkey Steps Leamington”, for example,  in the search box.

Many sources have been used ranging from early directories and histories of the town and area to telephone directories and the tortuous records of planning and other local authority committees. Unfortunately, one frustration is that planning permission for new streets was often given before the street had been named.
Of course, books by other authors have been referred to but sadly some information is inconsistent and efforts have been made to confirm it.
A full list of sources will be added on completion.

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