Post-Event Report.

We are delighted with the response to our Virtual History Day. This was our first such event and was in place of our annual Leamington History Day at the Parish Church. The technology all worked well, which was a great relief.

Our offering on the day had three components –

Part One.  Videos. After 48 hours since the launch some videos have been viewed over 320 times. Further information about our visitors may be published later. All the videos will continue to be available until further notice.  Click on your choices in the List below.

Part Two. Family History Advice Session led by Jacqui Kirk. This went well and about 11 people joined the session.  What is more, Jacqui and her team were able to answer all the questions raised.

Part Three. QUIZ.   Finally we had our  Virtual Leamington History Day Quiz.
Find the links to Questions and Answers in the List below if you want to have a go.

We would Welcome your Feedback on the Day to help us to decide whether such an Event is worthwhile and, if so, improve similar events in future. CLICK HERE to see our Request for Feedback.

Virtual Leamington History Day Videos

Click on the image for each video to view it; they will be available until further notice.

We will welcome your participation by sending us your questions and further information on any of the topics.  Please send them to

Helping to Keep Our Local Heritage Alive

Pat Whorton for the Arts Society Royal Leamington Spa
14 minutes


The London North Western Railway in Warwick and Leamington

Jacqui Kirk and Mike Musson for the LNWR Society
16 minutes


 Lillington’s Saxon Church

Richard Taulbut for the Lillington Local History Society
13 minutes


 Leamington’s First Hospital

John Wilmot for the Warwickshire Local History Society
13 minutes


The Canal in Leamington

Mick Jeffs for the Leamington History Group
14 minutes


Trailer for a new LHG Video coming soon

3 minutes



Shops of Royal Leamington Spa

Allan Jennings for the Leamington History Group
15 minutes



Southam Through the Ages

Bernard Cadogan for the Southam Heritage Collection
11 minutes


Leamington Slum Clearance Ltd

Barry Franklin for the Leamington History Group
39 minutes


A Virtual Cemetery Walk

Allan Jennings for the Leamington History Group
23 minutes



A View from the Home Front

Allan Jennings for the Leamington History Group
19 minutes


 Glimpses of Warwickshire History

James Ranahan for the Warwickshire Local History Society
10 minutes


The Lost Pubs of Royal Leamingon Spa

Tom Lewin and Allan Jennings for the Leamington History Group
12 minutes




Au Revoir, we invite you to keep in touch

We hope you that you continue to enjoy our first Virtual Leamington History Day presentations and quiz and we would love to receive your feedback:
If you would like to get involved with the Leamington History Group, please contact us for further details:
Remember That all the videos will remain available until further notice.

Our LHG Calendar 2021

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AND  FINALLY:  The Leamington History Group Thanks all our Contributors

Special thanks to everybody who contributed to the Day;
it would not have been possible without them:

Barry Franklin
Mick Jeffs
Stella Bolitho
Margaret Rushton
Allan Jennings
Tom Lewin
Mark Ellis
Jacqui Kirk
Mike Musson
Bernard Cadogan
John Wilmot
James Ranahan
Pat Whorton
Richard Taulbut



YOUR CHANCE TO HELP US. Thank you for participating in our Virtual Leamington History Day.  We would very much appreciate your feedback so that we can think about how future virtual events would work.
The presentations are still available to watch. See the Listing above.
We are interested in your views on what you thought about:-

1 The content, quality and range of presentations

2 Timing – were there too many/too few presentations? When would the best time to watch the presentations be?

3 How could we improve our Virtual Leamington History Day?

4 General observations about the day

5 Would you support similar future events e.g. monthly speaker presentations

6 What local history topics would most interest you, in future events?

7 Would you like to consider preparing a short presentation for such an event – perhaps on your research interest? We would be happy to help with any aspect, such as technology or assisting with research.

Thank you for completing this survey!
Please email your response to