We tried very hard to verify all the information in the book but, from experience, we are not surprised that new information has come our way. We are happy to include facts once we have verified them.

We may also consider publishing further information of which we were not aware that may be of interest to visitors to this website

Page 86, Harrington House
A man who worked at the property ‘at the end’ has told us that the house was demolished a little later than 1968. We aim to double-check this.

Page 153, Oak House
Christopher (Kit) Smith has told us that he drew/painted the image.

Page 169, Parish Church
A gross error. The image is actually the design for Saint Mark’s Church dated 1874 and is also incorrectly attributed; it is in the collection of Michael Jeffs.

Page 190, Regent Hotel
A typing mistake; the hotel closed in 1998, not 1988.

Page 207, Saint Mark’s Church
See also the image on page 169 above, wrongly referred to as a design for the Parish Church.

Page 237, Tennis Court
The Club has contacted us to say that the artist was Anthony Hobson, player, artist and lecturer in History of Art at Coventry Polytechnic.

Page 251, Upper Assembly
The sequence of MCs is incorrect. James Heaviside was the first one followed successively by Captain Charles Stevenson, Captain Francis Stenton (1821-1830), Mr Beavan and then Abiathar Hawkes. The final MC was Major John Paul Hopkins.

And apologies for some Typos-

Page 268, Valediction
Clumsy repetition of the word ‘there’

Page 285, Index.  We regret the error which obscures a small part of the Index in the first printing. It should read –
Sheldon Kench…….. 193
Shrubland Hall…….. 223