regalLeamington’s Vue Cinema started life as ‘The Regal’, designed in Art Deco style by Horace G Bradley and opened in September 1931. It was then one of the 15 largest cinemas in the UK. Remodelled several times since then, it is reputedly haunted, by a lady thought by many to be the late Edith Devis. Mrs Devis was the widow of a wealthy local man, Monroe Devis, and she sponsored a number of pre-WW2 Warwickshire charitable endeavours, including the founding of the Monroe Devis Maternity Home in Stratford upon Avon.

According to family members, Mrs Devis gave substantial sums towards a number of local business and charitable ventures. She was chairman of the company which built the Regal cinema. The ghost is said to have made its first appearance shortly after Mrs Devis’ death in a car crash in 1951. Have any of our readers ever seen her?

Margaret Rushton 2012 (amended 2018)

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