opplockheed This is the point on Tachbrook Road closest to the rear of the cemetery shown on the last shot.
lockheedsite The parish boundary now crosses the Tachbrook Road and enters the Lockheed site. It crosses this car park at roughly 45degrees to the left, to end somewhere to the right of the brown chimney. Somewhere under the concrete it meets the Tach Brook. This stream or at least the dry bed can be seen in front of the new Technology Centre to the south. The original Lockheed works would appear to have been wholly in Leamington. The parish boundary stream now disappears from sight under the Lockheed site, joins an old hedge line, before following another stream towards the Leam.
boundarystream The next brief, and rubbish strewn appearance is at the side of a factory rear entrance, just south of Queensway, near Juno Drive.
The parish boundary stream now disappears underground again, and the line can only be surmised by following the lowest point through the trading estate south of Sainsburys.
rearmacdonalds The next appearance of the parish boundary is to the right hand side of McDonalds, where the parish boundary appears as a dry ditch pointing towards the canal.
The parish boundary again disappears, this time under the Old Warwick Road traffic island and road to ‘reappear’ some 200yds towards Warwick. Although originally it passed down Prince’s Drive to enter the Leam. It seems that this change of the boundary was to find room for the sewerage works.
homebase The much overgrown parish boundary to the left of the entrance to Homebase. This small corridor of land has become much overgrown, but interestingly has been kept separate from the land on either side.
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