boundaryhedge This is the boundary hedge as it leaves the stream. The housing estate developments on either side of the hedge can be seen to be of different styles and age, but this probably has more to do with development of the various fields at differing times, than with the parish boundary.
boundaryhedge2 Boundary hedge can now be seen dividing the opposing back gardens. The hedge probably contains a variety of plants and theoretically should be possible to judge the age of the hedge by counting the number of different shrubs in it.
playfield01 This is the same boundary hedge at the side of Campion School playing field, with the Asda store to the left.
The parish boundary now crosses the railway line. There is a divergence at this point depending on which map is consulted. The 1889 Ordnance Survey map shows the boundary continuing in a westward direction, to the cemetery gates, whilst the Pathfinder 976 map has the boundary following the line of the railway line for about 500mtrs.before turning west. This later line is the one we will follow.
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