whitnashstream Boundary stream between the River Leam and the Radford Road. This small field alongside the stream is designated as a nature reserve and is overgrown and appears to be abandoned! It takes a dedicated follower of parish boundaries to venture into this rural cul-de-sac.
whitnashocean Boundary stream from the canal towpath, looking towards the Radford Road.
canalbridge2 Boundary stream leaving the tunnel on the north side of the canal, from Radford Road. This field is also overgrown and is best avoided unless the walker intends to walk under the canal, through the tunnel.
canalbridge The same stream entering the canal tunnel. This is probably the best point at which to restart the boundary walk. This is easiest done by following the river Leam past the entry of the Rad brook and then walking as far as the wooden footbridge over the river. Then turn right and then left into the Sydenham estate. Immediately over the canal the walker needs to follow the footpath on the opposite side of the canal to the towpath, which eventually reaches the Rad brook.
img034 (800x567) (800x567) (800x567) The boundary follows a rather dirty and litter ridden footpath alongside the stream until this marker stone is found, although it is closer to the stream than the actual path and can be easily missed. This is the place that the parish boundary leaves the stream and moves to the west. This stone is the only proof discovered that the Leamington parish boundary was taken seriously in the past, apart from the later concrete markers at the beginning of the walk.
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