enteringleaml The parish boundary reaches the River Leam down, or close to, this stream. Curiously the boundary is dry a short distance away, yet here it is quite full of water. The water is most probably the overflow from the sewerage plant.
princesdrive The parish boundary now moves upstream through the Princess Drive bridge and alongside Victoria Park. This stretch of the river follows a gentle curve, this is a modification of the original, more rugged river line.
binnsbrook The parish boundary now leaves the River Leam and follows this innocuous looking stream, known formerly as the Binns Brook or Milverton Brook, now called rather more prosaically the Lillington Storm Water Sewer.
newbrookstreet The gap in the housing, seen from Milverton Hill, along the rear of Somers Place and across Church Hill and through to the council flats. It is noticeable that there are large Victorian houses either side of the line of the Binn’s Brook. Whether this gap shows respect for the parish line, or fear of the wide mud bath that was the contemporary Binn’s Brook is open to discussion.
overregentstreet The same gap in the housing seen from the other side, that is from the rear of the council flats.
warwickstreetbridge The remnants of the Warwick Street bridge over the Binn’s Brook. The Binns Brook presented a major problem for visitor access to Leamington Spa from Warwick until it was bridged. This difficulty of access to Leamington ultimately led to the construction of the Kenilworth Road, which provided an entry that avoided the dreaded Binn’s Brook.
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