loverswalk This is my chosen entry point to the Leamington parish boundary. Originally I thought it was the ‘Lovers Lane’ mentioned on a sketch map showing walks around Leamington. Now I know it is not, but it is a pleasant photograph and leads to my entry point to the parish boundary.
img024 (2) (800x547) (800x547) (800x547) The easiest starting point for a boundary walk is just to the east of the waterworks site on the top of the Campion Hills. To the left the boundary disappears into the hedge, to follow the edge of the waterworks. To the right the boundary follows the double fence, or hedge, down the golf course access road. This double hedge is a feature of the boundary along this stretch to the rear of the golf course. There are ‘modern’ concrete boundary markers in the hedge at this point, looking similar to water hydrant markers.
leamington This is the view of Leamington from the parish boundary, with the ridge and furrow of the medieval field system in the foreground. Curiously the hills in this area were ploughed, whilst further to the east the flatter land shows no sign of ploughing.
parishboundary2 This shot shows one of the right angle bends in the parish boundary. These indicate that the parish was laid out around, or possibly within, an existing field system, showing that the field layout is older than both the parish and the boundary. Traces of the ancient field system can be seen to the right, through the double hedge. The hedges, and the crops in the right season, can be seen to follow the common reverse ’S’ shape of a medieval ploughed field
parishboundary Another right angle bend, further along from the last shot.
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Mick Cullen 2007