dell This is the Dell park, north of Warwick Street, the gentrified conversion of the muddy valley that was the Binn’s Brook.
strathearnroad From the north of the Dell, the Binn’s Brook and the parish boundary passes through the gardens on the right of this photograph, along Strathearn Road.
binnsbrook2 The route of the Binn’s Brook between Strathearn Road and the rear of Clarendon Crescent, and is to be found at the rear of the small park on Rugby Road.
rugbyroadflats The earth works at rear of flats on Rugby Road built to contain Binn’s Brook for purification, and transfer to Warwick sewerage works.
binswood_crossroads The parish boundary passes under this road junction, before turning towards Leamington in the far-left of this shot, adjacent o the brick wall. This one of the few places where the Binn’s Brook can be seen on the surface.
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