offchurchpath The footpath to Offchurch cuts across the parish boundary at this point.
pedlarswood The parish boundary, after two or three bends, turns alongside Pedley’s Wood. It then follows the edge of the wood until it reaches the wetland bird sanctuary.
img063 (3) (800x545) (800x545) (800x545) At this point the parish boundary enters the wetland bird sanctuary and is not easily accessible on foot, but it can be seen from the viewing sheds. Although these are intended for observing the birds. This is the eastern limit of the parish.
birdreserve2 The boundary is now within the bird sanctuary, with the actual parish boundary running down the left-hand hedge until it reaches the river. It then turns right along the river, which is just beneath the distant bank, beyond the lake. The bank is the near side bank of the canal.
Another shot of the bird sanctuary, with the river/boundary on the far side.
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