On August 2 and 3, during the Leamington Studio Arts in the Park festival, 2014, Wood carver and sculptor, Graham Jones, was seen at work in Jephson Gardens.Graham at work

In 2013 Graham was commissioned by Warwick District Council to create a number of wood sculptures from sections of trunk taken from an old diseased beech tree. The tree, featured in a previous article on this website (click here), dates from the late 1840’s and has been in the park for around 170 years.

A number of interesting wood sculptures have been created by Graham and can be found throughout the park. These sculptures have raised a great deal of interest amongst locals and visitors alike and are particularly enjoyed by the children.

If you join one of the History walks covering Jephson Gardens ask the guide where the sculptures can be found. Also look for Graham’s carving, Wendy, outside the Spa Centre in the middle of the grassy space

Graham Jones in Jephson Gardens

Graham Jones in Jephson Gardens

Graham, pictured below with his fascinating Jephson Gardens timeline carving, is based in Birmingham and works mainly on oak, sweet chestnut and sequoia trees.

Graham says that the project in Jephson Gardens was particularly enjoyable for him. Whilst working on the sculptures, he was approached by many local people and visitors who all showed a great interest in his work.

You can see more of Graham’s work at gmjwoodcarving.co.uk.


Article and photos by Michael Pearson- August 2014