Lockdown Inter-generational Living History Research Challenge:
January-April 2021

Write your own personal account of the current pandemic. Everyone’s experience of this current, unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic is different.

Certainly, children and adults might have different perspectives on living through this difficult time.

We want to record how life is temporarily different for us all (e.g. how we shop, new digital skills, school, entertainment) and how we feel about living through this.  Much has changed but there are also many positives which have emerged, including supporting people in the community.  We want to hear your thoughts on this, as when future historians examine this period of time their perspective might be quite different!  Let’s tell the real story of how this was, for us, in Leamington Spa, 2020-2021, by capturing living history now with an intergenerational challenge.

(i) Write 200 words about your experience or create a 10-minute video to share


(ii) Pair up with a member of the younger generation (e.g. grandchild, neighbour) and each write about your experience

Please email your research and any questions to:     connections@leamingtonhistory.co.uk by 31.3.2021

A selection of your responses will be shared by the Leamington History Group.