1700s William and Sarah Bone lived in Saltisford Warwick in the late 1700’s. They were married around 1790 with their first child being born in 1793. Their fifth child Hannah was born on 21st April 1805. Sarah outlived William and died in Saltisford in 1848 aged 82
1805 Hannah Bone remained all her life in Saltisford. In 1828 aged 22 she gave birth to a son Thomas William Bromidge. Hannah died at 14 Wise Street Leamington in 1882 aged 77.
1828 Thomas William Bromidge Bone was born on 30th March 1828 in Saltisford. His first job was clerk in a railway office. In 1848, aged twenty, he married Maria Moore of Warwick at Brook Street Chapel and they made their home at 124 Parkes Street Warwick. Their first child was born during the cholera epidemic of 1849 which swept through the Leamington area. Their second child Thomas was born in 1850. By 1865 Thomas had moved his family to Leamington and taken on the job of a Relieving Officer. As a Relieving Officer his job involved assessing the poor under the Poor Law Act. He worked under the Guardians of Leamington who met together to develop the health and well being of the poor people of the town, His District covered an area of 12,440 acres and a population of 29,000 people. The areas within his District were Leamington Priors, Lillington, Milverton, Offchurch, Radford Semele, Tachbrook and Whitnash. In 1870 he was living at 14 Wise Street, a Relief Pay Station and registrars. Thomas also took on the duties of Registrar of Births and Deaths, Vaccination Officer and a School Attendance Officer. In 1874 he became Treasurer of Spencer Street Church which he held until his death. Thomas died in 1890 aged 62 after an operation… His funeral was held in Spencer Street Church and he was buried in Brunswick Street cemetery.
t_w_boneThomas William Bone was the second son of eight children, born to Thomas William Bromidge and Maria. Thomas was born in Saltisford on 15th November 1850. He had moved to Leamington in 1865 with his parents and when Thomas was of an age to leave school and learn a trade he went to train as a Decorative Artist under French artist Tony Dury of Warwick. Antoine (Tony) Dury was a renowned Artist who had been painter to the Late Louis Philippe of France who had also been Decorator to the Royal Pavilion at Brighton; the celebrated ceiling of St Mary’s Church, Moorefield’s, London; and several Churches, Public Buildings and Theatres in both England and France. After becoming a Decorative Artist Thomas travelled and on his return to Leamington started a business with his younger brother, who was a painter.
e_a_boneIn 1879 Thomas married Elizabeth Ann Westbury in the Parish Church Leamington. They made their home at No 9 Spencer Street. No 9 was an antique shop named the Old Curiosity Shop. Elizabeth was a dealer in fine arts and had moved to Leamington from Leicester with her employer Charles Pratt. Thomas and Elizabeth had two children William and Mabel. Elizabeth died in 1902 and was buried in Leamington Cemetery, Brunswick St next to her father in law. Thomas lived until 1921 and was then buried with “his beloved” Elizabeth.


w_c_boneWilliam Charles Bone was born on the 19th January at No 9 Spencer Street. At the age of 17 he became an apprentice to an Ironmonger in Oswestry. Whilst away his mother died. William went to work in Coventry where he married Lillian Shipp of Northampton. They made their home in Coventry and had four daughters, Edith, Violet, Eileen and Peggy. William and Lily were members of the Three Spires Bowling Club. William died aged 82, on 21st December 1964 and Lily died on 22nd September 1965. Both were cremated at Canley crematorium. There two eldest daughters remained in Coventry after marriage. Eileen moved to a village nr Leamington and youngest daughter immigrated to Australia with her husband and seven sons.
e_e_boneEileen Elizabeth Bone was born on 17th March 1911 in Coventry. She married Hubert Sydney Hughes and they make their home at Morland Road. They later moved with their son and daughter to a village near Leamington.